1350-1439 Gold Ducat Roman Senate NGC MS 65

$3,983.00 USD

The 1350-1439 Italy Gold Ducat issued by the Roman Senate is a significant coin from the late Middle Ages, reflecting the economic and political influence of Rome during this period.

The obverse typically features Saint Peter, the patron saint of Rome, with the Doge of Rome kneeling before him, receiving a banner with a rose at the base. The inscription "S PЄTRVS ΛTOR VRBIS" translates to "Saint Peter, Guardian of the City," and often includes the name of the Roman Senate

The reverse usually depicts Christ in majesty, surrounded by a mandorla, holding the book of Gospels in his left hand and raising his right hand in blessing. Around him are stars representing the apostles. The inscription "ROMΛ CΛPVTM VDI S P Q R" means "Rome, Head of the World, Senate and People of Rome