1328-1350 Philippe VI de Valois 1 Ecu d'Or ND NGC MS62

Philip VI (French: Philippe VI) (1293 – 22 August 1350), called the Fortunate and of Valois, was the first King of France from the House of Valois. He reigned from 1328 until his death.

On the obverse is the king with a sword and shield, seated on a Gothic throne, holding scepter and fleur de lis. On the reverse is a floriated cross in quadrilobe, fleur de lis in angles.

This is an unbelievable condition for this very early coin. AV Ecu d'or a la chaise 4.46g. 39mm. 1st Emission, struck 1337. The king enthroned facing on a Gothic throne, supporting shield; all within tressure.