132-135 AD AR irregular zuz Bar Kokhba Revolt NGC Ch XF★ 5/5 - 3/5

$29,000.00 USD

Coin ID: 5747061-006

(19mm, 3.34 gm, 7h) Ex Shoshana Collection. Unique Irregular Zuz. Undated issue of Year 3 (AD 134/5). Simon (Paleo-Hebrew), collection of grapes in three lobes on vine / For the Freedom of Jerusalem (Paleo-Hebrew, inscription reversed), two upright trumpets. Hendin -, cf. 1431. Mildenberg -. Samuels 132 (this coin). Fascinating issue over-struck on uncertain host with part of the under-type visible on the left trumpet. A one in a lifetime to acquire this unique one of a kind and rarest Ancient coins in the world. This is the only known example of either of the dies used to strike this irregular coin. Of the highest rarity.