1248-1266 I5+B3+I6 Muwahuddun Gold Dinar NGC MS 62

$5,198.00 USD

The Muwahiddun Gold Dinar, graded NGC MS 62, is a significant historical coin from the Muwahiddun (Almohad) dynasty, which ruled parts of North Africa and Spain during the 12th and 13th centuries. This gold dinar represents the economic and political influence of the Almohads at the height of their power, reflecting their control over vast and wealthy territories.

On the obverse, the coin typically features intricate Arabic calligraphy, with inscriptions that include religious declarations such as the Shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith. This side of the coin underscores the Almohad dynasty's emphasis on their religious legitimacy and authority, highlighting their role as leaders of a significant Islamic state.

The reverse side also displays Arabic inscriptions, often including the name of the reigning caliph and the minting date or location. These inscriptions provide crucial historical information about the period and the specific ruler, reinforcing the coin's authenticity and historical value. The design and craftsmanship reflect the high artistic standards and technical skills of the Almohad minting process.

Graded NGC MS 62 (Mint State), this Muwahiddun Gold Dinar is in excellent condition, with minimal wear and clear, sharp details. Its well-preserved state makes it a highly desirable piece for collectors and historians, offering a tangible connection to the rich cultural and economic history of the Almohad dynasty.