"The Economics of Owning Rare Coins: Trailer"

There is grave concern about the development and rapid advancement of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which are digital versions of fiat currency issued by a central bank. Many Countries have started experimenting and launching their own CBDC. Critics argue that the issuance and regulation of CBDCs could give governments too much influence over the financial system and lead to dire consequences for individual privacy and civil liberties.

To protect against this, investing in rare coins can be highly lucrative in the long-term, and adding them to your portfolio can help balance out potential losses in other areas. Rare coins have consistently outperformed other investments, including the Dow Jones, real estate, and bonds, over the last half-century. In fact, during times of economic downturn, rare coins have consistently seen growth while other sectors have suffered significant losses.

In recent years, the market for rare coins has experienced exceptional growth, with many coins selling for significantly higher prices at public auctions and private sales.

It's important to consider how beneficial investing in rare coins is in today's market. In 2021, a record 22 U.S. coins sold at auction for $1 million or more, and in 2022, that record pace continued. Many investors are now realizing that rare coins can benefit their long-term investment portfolio and help weather economic downturns.

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