ATB Pictured Rocks

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This is the first in the America The Beautiful series for 2018 and salutes the untamed beauty of Lake Superior’s shores that border Michigan.

Lake Superior’s Pictured Rocks park is like not other. It offers miles of pristine beaches to explore. You can hike nearly 100 miles of trails that include towering sandstone cliffs and the green serenity of the northern hardwood forest.

This park truly covers the range of seasonal delights. In spring, the trails are a soft carpet of wildflower beauty. Summer gives way to warm basking days. Hues of orange, red, and yellow signal the wonder of change in autumn. In the winter, the raw windy beauty of snow frequents the days though periodically the snow blazes forth with sunlight.

Experience and learn about the different worlds of Pictured Rocks, a mosaic of colors, textures, and sights.

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