Platinum Britannia

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The Platinum Britannia 2020 continues the history and beauty of this signature product from the Royal Mint.

The Britannia was first struck in 99.95% platinum in 2018.

The obverse features a guilloche background design.

The platinum version displays the same depiction of “Britannia” that is on the silver and gold versions.

The dramatic female figure known as “Britannia” first appeared on the Roman Emperor Hadrian’s coins, circa AD 119. The image was then brought back for the coinage of Charles II in 1672. This spirit of the British Isles has evolved over time. She has been shown with olive branch and owl for peace and wisdom, and with Corinthian helmet and shield for strength and courage, while her trident amid waves or rocky shores salutes Britain’s naval strength.

In 1987, sculptor Philip Nathan created the design that is struck now. He shows the iconic figure of Britannia standing windswept in a classical gown on England’s shore with waves washing her feet. She holds the trident, shield and olive branch. Nathan’s elegant and instantly recognizable Britannia still endures nearly 30 years later.

A new element of the Britannia coins is a guilloche background design on the obverse side.

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