1851-1868 1/8 Tical Note - Kingdom of Siam Grand Treasury ND Pick A7 PCGS EF40

$12,900.00 USD

A note from 1853 that was issued during the reign of King Monkut, also known as Rama IV. He ruled from 1851 to 1868. Rama IV is the king portrayed in the musical and film, The King and I. This is one of the earliest notes that is evenly remotely collectible on Siam and this is only the second example that we can confirm that has been auctioned within the last several years. This note is printed in several languages and that includes Latin. It also is inscribed in braille. This was a revolutionary concept at this time as braille had only been in use for about three decades before the printing of this note. The denomination in braille is represented on this note by the two annulets in the top margin to signify a denomination of two sixteenths of a silver baht or 1/8 Tical. One of the annulets is partially obscured by staining on our current offering. This example grades PCGS Extremely Fine 40 with stains and a rounded upper right corner. The other Pick A7 to cross the auction block was offered in 2016…..That raw VF with a small wormhole lacked the two braille annulets. Nevertheless, it brought approximately $14,275. Exceedingly Rare and of the highest desirability.