14-37 AD Tiberius AV aureus NGC AU 5/5 - 4/5

$16,500.00 USD

(19mm, 7.89 gm, 1h) Lugdunum, AD 14-16. On the obverse is the inscription TI CAESAR DIVI-AVG F AVGVSTVS, which translates to Tiberius Caesar, Son of the Divine Augustus Filius, Augustus, laureate head of Tiberius faces right. On the reverse is the inscription PONTIF-MAXIM, which translates to greatest priest. Livia, as Pax, seated right, feet on stool; chair with ornate legs, double line below, olive branch in left hand, grounded spear in right. Sharply struck on highly lustrous flan. This piece is simply stunning for the grade.

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