Hard Asset Money Show -- BRICS+ January 2024 Update

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Hard Asset Money Show -- Hard Asset Money Show -- The 2024 Election & CBDCs

02/06/24 Christian Briggs and Mandy Gunasekera guest on A Good Fight Show with Jameson Haygood, as they speak about who will be on the ticket as the Democratic candidate for 2024. As Joe Biden’s health continues to deteriorate, many D.C. insiders are saying behind closed doors that Michelle Obama will be the Democratic nominee come November 2024. At the end of the day, she will be another puppet for the Obama regime that has continued through the Biden administration as they keep their socialist agenda going.
Hard Asset Money Show -- The Corporate Transparency Act

01/08/23 The Corporate Transparency Act passed the House four years ago, and it became effective Jan 1, 2024. This bill generally addresses the disclosure of corporate ownership and the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism. This division requires certain new and existing small corporations and limited liability companies to disclose information about their beneficial owners.
Hard Asset Money Show -- Crypto Assets Vs Central Bank Digital Currencies

12/20/23 What is the difference between a crypto asset and a central bank digital currency asset? What is the difference between a blockchain distributed digital ledger and a centralized digital ledger? With a central bank digital currency, the Federal Reserve has control over CBDCs. If it is a decentralized crypto asset like Bitcoin, the government doesn’t have control over it, and they don’t like it.